Arush Dhiman


+61 422 973 402

Melbourne, Australia


I am a student looking to expand my skills in my work life and apply them to tasks in supporting the community, further enhancing my personal growth. I am hardworking and responsible with an ability to execute tasks with commitment and determination. I am motivated, possessing the flexibility to work independently and the dexterity to be a part of a team.





Designer, Social Media Marketing & Client Relations

Aum Yoga & Meditation

For the company I handled the stationary and graphic design [such as social media marketing] at first, then developing their website and booking services for a reliable service they can provide their clients with. After successfully achieving high standards for the organisation, I moved onto maintaining them, which to this day, involves client relations and digital services support.

Chief Design Officer & Media Executive

Ping Pong-A-Thon [HCC]

Being apart of the original core team during it's early stages, I developed all the marketing and led the Design Sector of the project. Following the project's early development, I continued to lead the distribution of information to the respective target audiences, and digital content management for all internal archival documents.

Freelance Design

Arush Graphics

I work independently on the side of my studies for freelancing graphic and stationary design, art, and other marketing services. Starting off with services such as Fiverr, I was able to develop my fundamental understanding of client interaction and sales. Afterwards, I moved to a word-of-mouth freelancer, allowing me to streamline the clients I wish to work with, and ones that are looking for the specialised services I offer.


Heathdale Christian College


Completed my Victorian Certificate of Education in the academic subjects of Economics, Mathematical Methods, Legal Studies, Systems Engineering, English and VET Sports & Recreation.


  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Content Management
  • Client Relations
  • Leadership Skills

Strongest Soft Skill

Speech Articulation

The ability to change the deliverance of my speech, relative to the person(s) I am talking to – allowing me to express and communicate just as strong with younger children, as well as adults and superiors.

Additional Information

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